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One of Everything 1oz. Free Shipping

$1 777.00
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Includes one of everything in 1 oz: Anime Color Light Set, Anime Color Dark Set, Anime Flesh Set, Opaque Grey Set, French Grey Set, Skin Tone Set, 14 Color Set, 18 Color Set, Coffee Black, Concentrates (Pure Green, Pure Blue, Pure Purple), Greywash Set (2oz.), Whitewash Set (2oz.) and the original 70 Set (Apple green, aquamarine, artichoke, black cherry, blue purple hue, blue slate, blue violet lake, burnt ochre, canary yellow, chartreuse, chestnut, china blue, chocolate, crimson lake, crimson red, dahlia purple, dark brown, dark green, deco yellow, deco peach, deco pink, denim blue, electric blue, espresso, everyday black, goldenrod, grass green, gray, greyed lavender, hot pink, indigo blue, kelp, lavender, light aqua, light green, lilac, magenta, mulberry, nectar, non photo blue, orange, pale sage, pale vermillion, parma violet, parrot green, peach beige, peacock green, pomegranate, poppy red, prussian green, raspberry, rosy beige, salmon pink, sap green, scarlet lake, sienna brown, sky blue light, slate grey, solid black, spring green, sunburst, terra cotta, true blue, true green, turquoise, violet, violet blue, white, yellow ochre, yellowed orange).

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