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  • What is Industryinks?
    Industryinks is an ink developed with organic pigments and vegan friendly ingredients. We designed our product with the perfect balance of pigment load and ease of workability in mind. Our goal has been to make an ink that could saturate consistently therefore causing less trauma and facilitating better overall heals. Our pigments have proven to overall heal with better, brighter and bolder tattoos.
  • How many years have you been in the company?
    5 Years. But the chemist Eric Watson has been making ink for around 15 years
  • Where is Industryinks made?
    1904 Tollgate Rd. Palm, PA 18070
  • Is industryinks safe?
    Industry Ink Is comprised of 100% organic materials And we pride ourselves of being cruelty free and vegan.
  • How many colors do they have?
    We have 177 colors as of 2023.
  • How many sets do you sell?
    We offer a wide range of sets from 12 bottle primary sets, to greywash systems and all the way up to full 177 bottle sets. We have 16 sets total as of now
  • What are the best selling colors?
    We try to balance our colors and make them all work very well But if I have to say, Everyday Black, Heavy White, Scarlet Lake, Canary yellow, China blue and Orange are top sellers.
  • What is EU certification?
    Eu Certification is the most strict testing in the world today. All inks are tested by CTL in Germany, with is completely independent from the tattoo industry. The tests are to make sure your inks are sage From heavy metals, AZO dyes and other substances that have been deemed not safe.
  • Is your ink Vegan?
    We are 100% Vegan.
  • Can Industry Inks be mixed with other inks?
    You can mix with other inks but we don’t recommend it. If you ever have any issues, you need to know which brand of inks had the issue. Also, all inks are made differently which can result is different results of workability and healing.
  • Can Industry Inks be diluted with water?
    Yes, they can but we do not recommend diluting our pigments unless you’re Using sterilized water or pure distilled water. If not diluted correctly, you can introduce microorganisms to the inks and have issues at some point.
  • What is the best selling black?
    Everyday Black is hands down our most popular black. You can line and shade with it
  • Does Industry Inks have Toxic elements?
    We throughly test and research every ingredient we use in our inks. We use zero toxic elements. All ingredients we use are pure and Kosher.
  • In how many countries is Industry Inks sold?
    As of now, we are in around 10 countries and growing.
  • Can Industry Inks be used in Europe?
    We have 90 of our pigments certified for use in Europe.
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