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Industry Inks is owned, operated and designed by the veteran chemist Eric Watson. All of the ink is developed with organic pigments and vegan friendly ingredients. We designed our product with the perfect balance of pigment load and ease of workability in mind. Our goal has been to make an ink that could saturate consistently therefore causing less trauma and facilitating better overall
heals. Our pigments have proven to overall heal with better, brighter and bolder tattoos.

Our story

Eric Watson


Eric Watson is a remarkable individual with a 13-year tenure in the tattoo ink industry. He embarked on his journey from humble beginnings, joining another ink company where he began by handling orders and bottling inks. Through dedication and persistence, he gradually climbed the ladder, progressing to the art of mixing inks and honing his craft over the years.

After acquiring extensive experience, Eric mastered the art of ink-making, and his creations soon gained recognition. He achieved a significant milestone by making his inks available even in some of the world's most stringent countries, a testament to their quality and safety standards. 

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After dedicating 12 years to the company, Eric decided to take a leap of faith and venture out on his own. This led to the birth of his own business, Industry Ink. Under his leadership, Industry Ink swiftly ascended to become one of the premier brands in the tattoo ink market. Eric's unwavering commitment to excellence elevated his skills, enabling him to craft the finest and safest inks known worldwide.

Eric Watson's journey from a beginner in the ink industry to a trailblazing entrepreneur showcases his dedication, expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit. His legacy continues to flourish as Industry Ink thrives as a top-tier brand, setting new standards for quality and innovation in the field of tattoo inks.

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